The steadfast Love of The Lord

Hi. Although my intention is to update my blog once a week I thought I must let you that on Monday before I set off for London my first appointment that was looking like it was going to be a difficult one and where I had no idea how to find the venue on Dartmoor actually ended up working out really well and just at the moment when I was completely lost due to some road ( or should I say tiny track) closures and panic began to set in I turned a corner just avoiding the hedges on both sides of the icy road to see in front of me the manor house name on the wall beside the gate that had been described to me. I had arrived!

What an answer to the prayer for help I had made earlier – and why did I so easily panic I ask my self. I bet my face was a picture of relief!

So once again I started another Monday being reminded of Psalm 103 v17. The Lord,s love is steadfast – and was also taken straight back to my verse of the week. His Kingdom rules over all.

Why do I so easily forget that The Lord is with me at work?

The tube awaits as I scurry from hotel to St Paul’s station this morning……..

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