Seek The Lord and His Strength

This week coming up I take Psalm 105 v 4 with me. As I reflect back on last week where I seemed to have more work to do than I had time it was clear to me that the Lord does know and is interested in me. Whenever I am reminded of this is isn’t half a good feeling. This week I hit the road ( or the train actually) on Sunday evening to get to Birmingham at around 11pm for Monday early start and then across to London and back home mid week.

A day off on Thursday looks inviting.

there is always so much work taking me away from the actual deliverables I am targeted to do.

there is certainly guidance for every situation found in life within the Bible and for me it is this for this week: seek the Lords strength continually. He has tons more than I have and I can simply rest in that and draw from that endless stream of strength. Try it!

By the way the new boss looks like being a good chap……although he is talking about restructure and placing my role at risk. It’s at times like this that I find rest in His strength and remember Jesus said “My peace I give you which is not  as the world gives” . No worries then!

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