Crying is OK

This week we move towards Easter. I was reminded that as Jesus looked over Jerusalem he wept. It seems a shame to me that in all my meetings and conference calls that no one else seems interested in this time of year -except of course that it is a short working week ( which I too am glad about actually!)

Sometimes at work I feel like weeping but actually it is for self preservation and the result of increasing pressure. Jesus was weeping for others, yet I find myself thinking about me when I am close to tears. It’s all about me don’t you know!

The Bible verse that challenges this and brings me rushing to a place of positivity is James 5 v 16 where I am reminded that the Prayer of  a righteous person  has great power and effectiveness.

so if like me you have periods at work of great intensity ( that’s the nice way of wording it!) then I can recommend through experience that you  look out and up and not down and in. Out to others and up to Jesus.

It is OK to cry and when we cry for ourselves look to Jesus, use prayer and then look at others and cry for them. Our prayers as people born again of Gods Spirit will be powerful and effective. It’s a promise.

i wish you every happiness and peace this Easter and will blog again after my holiday in a couple  of weeks time.

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