Putting aside the “stuff”

I guess no matter what work we do we all have the “stuff”. A technical term I use that referrs to all the activity we are asked to do that we can’t pass off to someone else that has no real bearing on the work we are paid to do!

This week seems to be full of “stuff” for me and it is driving me mad!

Interestingly the verse I take in to this week is Hebrews 12 v 1-2. I am reminded here that there is something much worse than “stuff” that causes me to feel weighed down and clings to me worse than glue. It is an old fashioned but very up to date word – “sin”.

As a Christian I find it all too easy to forget to daily die to self and confess my sins to the Lord in prayer for forgiveness …. remembering there is no condemnation for those in Christ 🙂 …. and as a result I do find that my energy and effectiveness at work is lower than it should be.

Jesus promised me an abundant life and to walk in the light of a refreshed life each day DOES result in me being able to rise above the “stuff”, get it done and deliver what I need to each day.

It’s amazing how relevant Jesus is to my daily working life in 2013!

Have a good week

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