Do Angels laugh…..

Back from holiday now but my Bible verse from the Psalmist which encourages ” let everything that has breath praise The Lord” reminded me of one of those situations that I found myself in at work .

when I say at work I guess it was just before work because I was in a hotel about to have breakfast. I had been greeted as usual and gave my room number and name and then was past on to the person who takes you you your table. I am sure you have all been there.

Well this person was a very loud Italian lady who greeted everyone as if they were a long lost relative and had no concept of folk just wanting a quiet breakfast if you get my drift.

anyway she plonked me at my table, I got my food, sat down again and had just closed my eyes to quietly thank The Lord for my food and the fact that we have plenty to eat etc when at that very moment she returned to my table with my tea  and in her wonderful booming Italian voice declared ” oha, I be quiet for a moment as you prayin for your fooda” and just stood there, tea in hand.

everyone it seemed turned to view me saying grace !!!! Needless to say my thanks lasted a little less time than normal.

Do angels chuckle? If so I am sure I heard them.

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