As sure as eggs are eggs

Hi again

my work as you may have guessed takes me to London a lot. on arriving into Paddington  I scamper often to the bakerloo line to tube into the heart of the city.

this means I use a long escalator.

the other day I hit rush hour and found that I was on this escalator with a small suit case and my lap top case. EVERY step in front and behind was full of 2 people as we all were moved relentlessly down to the next level. There was no where to go.

imagine the bottom of the escalator. It is quite important to leave this moving staircase at the same pace as it is travelling. If not then it all goes wrong!

it dawned on me that I was behind an elderly couple who were not used to London and as we neared the end of our ride panic set it. Would they move away quickly enough. If not then I would have no where to go to dodge them! I couldn’t go back to give me more room and I could not go round them. I realised it would be a bit of a mess.

you guessed it. They almost stopped!

Well it wasn’t my fault! What could I do except sing out “sorry” as I was thrown into them and sort of hugged them to stop us all from crashing to the floor as others bumped into me! Chaos!

it reminded me that just as the chaos I saw coming and could not avoid happening, there is a certain and sure event coming soon too. It is called the Rapture. It WILL happen and there is noting that will stop Jesus from taking His Church away from planet Earth. The difference is we can all get ready for it. So are you ready?



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