Surprise surprise!

Hi and good morning

as I was just landing in Manchester airport heading for our head office part of a little poem came to mind that I put together about 30 years ago for a Christmas service.

here it is…..

Sitting all alone with nothing much to to do

tired and fatigued and feeling kind of low

His beard tucked in his  clothing to give him extra heat

He huddles by the fire and tries to warm his feet

dark figures in the shadows hug the warm flames too

and this weary, weathered shepherd thinks that now he’s caught the flew


And so it goes on.

the shepherds were at work just like us and then when least expected God showed  up by sending His angels. BANG!

and this happens all the time you know. When I least expect it and am at work plugging away- God shows up and does something quite special.

Keep your eye out!

if you have no idea what I am talking about just send me a note and I will be glad to explain.

have a good week

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