Surely not. I can’t believe all that!

All through my Christian life and particularly at work I am faced with that statement. “I can’t believe that stuff” and that is quickly followed by an example of an impossible sounding Bible Promise or account that is thrown in for good measure.

well if you find the same please don’t be perturbed because right at that moment God is as close to you as ever, and if as you read this you think the same and believe me to be some sort of strange  deluded religious type then please do stop and think about the claims of the Bible.

one miracle you won’t expect to happen to you is the promise that if you look for God you will find Him. So here is a challenge to all readers of this Blog. Honestly and diligently look for God. You will have the most exciting surprise of your life.

my verse this week is ” For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20). Unbelievable?

well I can confirm it to be true. I have seen broken hearts mended, confused minds straightened out and lives changed when a few Christians get together, claim the promise of Gods presence and ordinary people diligently look for God there an then.

if you don’t know what I mean then as an ordinary bloke I can say that you are really missing out on something.

Have a good week

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