New year is close and so are those resolutions…



i hope you all had a good Christmas.

back to work soon.

i was thinking, It is not at all uncommon these days to hear of an ambitious person as being “hungry” to accomplish significant things. Writers apply this term to athletes who want to make it to the professional leagues, and to businesspersons who seek to become CEO or president of a major corporation Or even just promotion. New Years resolutions for those at work are often involved in chasing promotion. These people drive themselves to work harder than their competition. They push themselves in studying every part of their discipline, and they practice longer and harder than others. Their ambition knows no limits. They seem to play every angle to bring themselves to the attention of their superiors. They seize every opportunity to “sell” themselves to those who might be useful in promoting them.

Some but not all of these nuances are present in Jesus‘ use of “hunger” and “thirst” in Matthew 5:6. He describes a person who from the very depths of his innermost being has a driving need to satisfy a desire.

and this verse in Matthew is my verse. It helps me to focus on what might be the right kind of New Years resolution and stops me from chasing the crowd at work.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled..( Matt 5v 6)

if I want real satisfaction and a true filling of desire and if you want the same then let’s hunger for righteousness. Why? Because that will bring me closer to God.


speak soon







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