Remember your first day at work?

Greetings once more

With everything I do, once I have done it many times it becomes a bit “samey” . Do you know what I mean? The hum drum slips in and my enthusiasm begins to deminish.

Jesus knows all about this human trait and in fact he delivered a message about this to the early church whose members were living in Ephesus. They were clinging on to what they knew to be true but had sadly lost their first love ( Rev 2 v 4). Jesus warns them about this and the consequences of losing this enthusiasm.

Paul also remnds us of the reason it is so important to keep this first love in 2 Thes ch 1 and again in Hebrews ch 6 – worth a read I say!

But jesus also reminds them that he knows all about their troubles, how they had allowed the anxiety of the problems of the day to start to snuff out their first love.

The lesson is clear – I need to constantly revisit in my heart and memory the time I became a Christian to reignite by first love. Simple! But it is also so true at work. As a christian I am expected to do just a bit more than others. It is a natural assumption of a boss or colleague and without Christ I just couldnt keep that up! I need to be demonstrating the first love I had for the job when I started on day 1. Its amazing how that works and it is amazing how scriptural principles also translate so effectively into every day life.

Doing the job like I did on day one and doing it as if I wasdoing it for the Lord Jesus immediately brings back my first love!

Have a good one

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