Morning to you and welcome to Monday

I sometimes find myself pacing the floor before making a call to a customer or someone higher up the pay chain than me. I wonder if you do the same. The pacing is caused by a bit of fear prior to making the call. It happened to me this morning!

How daft is that! I can see how I need to prepare myself before making a call or before an appointment — but to have a nervousness is simply not logical at all.

To help me with this, the Bible DOES encourage me to have a type of “fear”. This is to fear God. But this is not to be afraid as in Old Testament times as we balance this now with the God of Love we see displayed in the New testament, but to hold God with  reverence , respect knowing that he is also a God of judgement and awsome power. So fearing God does not drive me away from Him nor does it make me frightened before I speak with Him.

Psalm 34 V 11 says this:

Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.

Notice we are referred to as little children, a lovely place to be I say and also notice that the fear of God does not come naturally; it must be learned. We are not born with it already existing within. It is a vital quality given through contact with God and helped along by someone qualified to teach it, as David surely was.

If we study and meditate on Him, the Scriptures will reveal that God is supreme in everything, including in qualities like love power, wisdom, forgiveness mercy , patience, Kindness, etc. God is sovereign over all. These virtues alone provide multiple reasons for fearing Him. Get it?

And when I am in that place, as i reminded myself this morning, then I need not fear a call to someone today at all.

Happy days!



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