Here’s a thought….

I was reading Amos the other day – a great Old Testament book. Funny what you read on the train rushing out of Cornwall. Well rushing is a bit of an overstatement with the line down in Dawlish but thats another story.

In Amos Ch 3 v 9-11 we see that linking Ezekiel Ch 7 we will have difficulty in having Christian success if our Moral attitude is low and our self interest is high.

As I look at myself I see all too easily that where I should be on the Morality scale and the “thinking of others” scale is not where it needs to be ( one too low and the other too high) so no wonder I dont have the powerful Christian life I so desire.

Being more like Christ and dying to self are the keys as we are thinking about in our Church. At work this can be a challenge, being the only christian in our circle of friends or work colleagues makes this hard.

All the more reason to spend as much time as we can with the Lord, with christian friends and with “church”

I press on


One thought on “Here’s a thought….

  1. I think that having genuine love in action for others is the key to much of our christian lives. Lets face it ,…without love we are but a clanging cymbal, but i have been pondering on this issue for a while now. we need to be carefull we dont turn love for others into a means of trying to be Holy or good. In a way that is selfish attitude. It needs to be a selfless love, and that is a big challenge to me.

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