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Although I won’t be “blogging” for a couple of weeks I thought I must send you this one!

My working day has become filled with countless phone calls to challenged customers and a similar amount of email traffic to deal with.

My Bible verse is Luke 4 v 4

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone.'”

This is not some general statement that allows us to choose what we will and will not obey, but a requirement for each of us, to the best of our ability, to follow every word of God in living our lives before Him. To do this takes real faith. God has given us “the way of righteousness,” a revelation folk who are not walking with the Lord Jesus just cannot comprehend, and He is looking for evidence that we not only desire this but are also living it.

It is the works of obedience that change us, that show that we are trying to live as God lives. This is what God counts as proper evidence of our faith. In James Ch 2 Vs 17, 20, 26, the apostle informs us that, without works, our faith is dead, and these works are defined as putting into practice the instructions of God in our lives, just as Abraham did on Mount Moriah .

God knew Abrahams attitude towards Him when He saw Abraham’s obedience. As hard as it is for us to measure up to what Abraham did in being willing to sacrifice his only son in obedience to God’s command, God should be able to say He is pleased with our efforts to follow Him about each one of us. Do we have the faith to live by every word of God?

Humbling ourselves in obedience – especially when it hurts – makes a powerful statement to God and in a busy working day it is so easy to forget this so my recommendation is find some way of remembering – may be your password on your computer could be ” i t b g c t h a t e ” ( which will remind you that IN The Beginning God Created The Heavens And The earth” – not a bad idea so that every time to enter your password you remember this verse – or chose another one for yourself)

Have a good March


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