Words do matter…..


Do you find that you become almost immune to language ( bad that is) that goes on all around you every day at work? Sadly I do and that’s not good, but one area of language that still really grates is when I hear the name of the Lord Jesus tossed about at will.

One modern version of the Bible gives us one of the commandments as follows: “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

The third commandment is certainly against common swearing, including using words that seem so “OK” to use. This commandment also covers the light or disrespectful use of any of God’s attributes or character.

Herbert Lockyer, lists 364 names and titles just for Jesus Christ.  Each name of God describes some distinct virtue or characteristic of His nature. So how I see it, God has declared the glory of His nature by His names, which are not to be abused.

It is this commandment more than any other that shows how much God should be a part of our every word, deed and attitude. It shows that the test of our spiritual cleanliness ( we thought about this on Sunday actually) is how we use the name of God, whether in truth or as a throw away comment ( when we get cross for example). It indicates that a man is better off being sincerely wrong than to be a professing Christian and deny His name by the conduct of his life of the words he uses

To help us know David, the Bible shows him as a shepherd, warrior, king, prophet, poet, musician and sinner, each a part of a rich nature. God is SO MANY times greater, yet He reveals Himself, His nature, just as the Bible reveals David. God names Himself what the circumstances reveal of Him, so whenever we see that name, it also brings to mind an aspect of His nature. So, He gives us a double-barreled revelation of Himself and simply I MUST watch my language so that I enjoy HIM and don’t fall foul of the third commandment.

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