Keep watch…



As expected and mentioned last time, work has gone crazy and it is so easy to forget the improtant things

We can have no clearer view of God than by looking at Christ. He is the full revelation of God to man. He is the complete expression of God in a human body. He is unique: God became a man, imposing upon Himself the same time-space limitations as other men.

He had every opportunity to waste time, get sick, eat gluttonously and become overweight, drink and experience a hangover, “fly off the handle” in anger, or attack others when someone pricked His vanity. He could have become bitter from rejection or depressed when things did not go His way. He could have worked or played with intense¬†competitiveness to “win at all costs.” He had to face death, His own as well as of loved ones. He could have felt “the deck was stacked” against Him.

But he did none of those things and so I must not fall into the trap of behaving in those adverse ways just because I’m busy. Keep time for Him every day. That seems to be the key

One thought on “Keep watch…

  1. Interesting points, although I wouldnt put “getting sick ” in the same catagory. But I get the gist of what you are saying. Generally speaking though ,…if one is really busy then one wouldnt have the time to do many of these things.

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