didn’t he do well……

Well I am not sure how things go at this time of year for you but for me it is the time of the half year reviews.

It can be so easy to slip back into focusing and even boasting in “how good am I” to prove to the boss all is well in my back yard and he/she should be pleased with my performance.

This can all fine and it is in my view healthy to review things and lay out what has been achieved but I need to be careful to remember that each day, 7 days a week, each week of the year, even at half year review time, I should follow the simply guidance of Amos 5 v 4:

This is what the LORD says……:
“Seek me and live”

So I should seek Him and take care not to give any room for pride, conceited ambition or arrogance in my own achievements. “I will not boast in anything save in the death of Christ my Lord”

Have a good week

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