Be a “Giver”..


Well the half year review document is completed and my meeting is set next week. Interestingly the review I conducted with each of my team did throw up some great attitudes and highlighted to me just how supportive the team are together.

As I continue to reflect on this part of my work life and link this to my Christian faith I went to Colossians ch 3 and v 5:

“Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature….”:

This definition of the tenth commandment has sobering ramifications. Covetousness is the “old fashioned ” word, the unlawful desire to obtain, sets a person up for pursuing extreme “must have” desires
The actual mechanics of the process I reckon begin when the individual creates an idol in his mind in order to get something: a spouse, money, power,a possession, praise ( thinking of my forthcoming review) — even a feeling.

None of these things are evil in themselves, but in the process of achieving them, the person gradually allows the desire to have them to so dominate him that possessing them becomes his only worthwhile activity in life.

This attitude of “must have” may only last a short while or it may last for years but in my experience at work this is when a Christian loses the God given Peace that transcends understanding and finds themselves at work with pressures and strains taking over resulting in a work life not really being enjoyed.

So let’s have the attitude of a giver and not a taker and for those reading this who were also out to our morning Church service yesterday, let’s remember the instruction of Ephesians ch 5

have a good week


One thought on “Be a “Giver”..

  1. I have often wondered about the financial cake that we all draw from. Is it of determinate size or does it vary in size. either way we must be prepared to “Die to self” Easier said than done in these days of poverty and success. i have come to the conclusion that money is no mark of blessing

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