Values give results

Good Morning and welcome to Monday! Off we go again!

It strikes me that results ( or outcomes) can only come from actions taken and actions a person takes or does come from their values.
Putting it another way if I believe something whole heartedly then I might “Do” something and if I do something then something will happen as a result.

On this point ( yes the Bible has something to say about most stuff )Ezekiel ch 20 v 23-24 says this:

(23) Also with uplifted hand I (GOD) swore to them in the desert that I would disperse them among the nations and scatter them through the countries, (24) because they had not obeyed my laws but had rejected my decrees” etc etc

This passage portrays a critical point regarding why Israel was taken into captivity. There is no doubt Israel was a religious people. Yet, notice the emphasis on the personal word “My.” Their source of values was not God!

Realizing the source of any given value or moral standard will go a long way toward determining its rightness and therefore its desired result or effect.

So as I consider what I am doing at work may be I need to stop and consider why it is I am doing or saying what I am and think it back to its source. Is it Gods values, mine or someone else’s?

If not Gods values then I am on a slippery slope to losing the Sovereignty of God and having some other as more important and this will result in the stresses and worries of work to come in. After all no job is immune from hassle is it? With God as Sovereign my real experience is a perfect peace.

All too often to I hear at work the justification of ” well everyone else is doing it”. This statement puts the values of others as the bases of a decision.

Romans 6 V 15 -19 picks up on this same point by the way for any Bible scholars out there.

So for the reality of God to be with us in the work place let’s determine to seek out the right values, and get them to move down from our head knowledge to our “heart”

Deep stuff for a Monday but for me it is good stuff!



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