To live in harmony

Greetings once again

Do you find that often around the coffee machine, or around the desk there can be heard grumblings? As I work remote from an office I don’t really get involved in this but I know from staff I liaise with in our HO that it happens.

But actually these differences of opinion happen all the time and at home or at work arguments can all too easily flare up.

The Bible talks about this a bit in James chapter 4. Verses 1-3 says about “worldliness”:

“What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?”

We find ourselves living in a culture that is coming apart at the seams because each individual wants to execute his or her own desires. James tells us what happens when individuals begin to do this.

He is saying to us that, if we seek and push hard for our desires, then we had better understand that life will be filled with conflict. Why? Because everybody else is doing the same thing. Their desires are likely different from ours, and so our desires run headlong into their desires, producing arguments, struggle, strife, and war over whose desire is going to be fulfilled.

So let’s decide to “think of the other chap” in all our discussions. That is not to say be passive and not have a view, but lets consider the words we use and our motivation. As a Christian this should point us daily to dyeing to self and living by Bible principles and not our own desires.

Worth a pause for thought I reckon.

Have a good week

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