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Morning and welcome to Monday morning

Yesterday our Pastor had the subject of Preparation for us and it got me thinking. The verse in Ephesians 5 v 16 was mentioned with many others by him:

“making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.”

My thoughts this morning as I sorted my self out for work went to the word Redeem. This means “to buy up for oneself” or “buy up an opportunity.” When connected to “time,” it means “to buy or take advantage of an opportunity.” Since we are dealing with time, and it will ALWAYS pass on by, we must make the most of each opportunity. If an opportunity is missed, it cannot be recalled or got back. When its gone its gone ( as the sales say ! LOL).

Paul might as well be saying, “God’s way is not just for a few hours on a Sunday, but the will of the Lord applies in every situation in life.” He is urging us to take advantage of every situation to imitate God. Every second of our lives is precious in the building of godly character – and our character is God’s master piece. We also considered a week or so ago with a visiting speaker into our church that God through is Spirit is creative. Our character is His creative masterpiece.

This thought of mine has nothing to do with literally gaining time. It may be illustrated, though, with the example of the savvy business man who takes advantage of every opportunity to make a profit. Businessmen often say, “Strike while the iron is hot.” Or, in our consumer culture, we watch the advertisements to take advantage of a sale.

How can we determine how to take advantage of time? In much the same way we take advantage of a sale. We decide what we want and then we watch carefully. If we want to buy a product, we will generally survey the market and then decide which particular brand and model we want to buy. Then we keep a careful watch until the sale of our choice occurs.

In the same way, I suggest that we must survey what is controlling our time and we must decide what is important to us. Is it our relationship with God, family, job, socializing, recreation, or entertainments? In what order of priority would we put these and other interests?

So it comes back to our choice and how we decide to use and make the most of every opportunity – as the wrist band says – WWJD!

Have a good week


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