team work works

Morning again – to my 82nd thought for the week

As I consider the tasks this week it became clear to me that I do better when I have a team to talk and debate things with. Things seem to work through more effectively when I discuss and debate to find the best way forwards.

This principle has been picked up over the years by many management gurus ( one called it 6 hat thinking).

But God nailed this a few thousand years ago when He said in Genesis 2 v 18:

“It is not good for the man to be alone.”

Perhaps this could be rephrased as, “It is not good that man be independent.” Our God establishes principles and patterns in His Word from which we can get wisdom, the practical application of truth. Some of the most basic and fundamental patterns for His purpose are established very early in Genesis.

What is He showing here? That, in relation to God’s purpose, the most and the best will not be produced in us if we are alone. If we are independent, we remove ourselves from the circumstances that will produce the most toward His purpose. In this specific context, God is not commanding everyone to marry, but He is clearly showing that “together” is better than “alone”. A man with a woman is better than a  man alone He is teaching.

But as with much of the Bible, this principle extends deeper into our lives and no more so that at work. Of course there are many who by the nature of their circumstance have to work and make decisions alone, but where ever possible a greater outcome will be achieved if we share and discuss before deciding.

So if like me you have decisions to make this week, why not talk them through first?

Have a good week


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