A new Heart

Morning all

Over the last few weeks at our Church we have been receiving teaching on the Christian walk with God and Growing as a Christian.

Yesterday as our Pastor was teaching I was thinking about this in relation to my Christian life at work.

I had a look at James 4 v 5-6, Proverbs 23 v 6-7 and Romans 12 v 3. Taken together these scriptures indicate that what a person thinks of himself is clearly important to God. We all have an image of ourselves that we carry about in our heart. We tend to think of ourselves in a certain way, a persona that we want to project to others. This is not wrong in itself. Because we love God, we should greatly desire to project to others an image of Him that is pleasing to Him. What is wrong, though,I think, is that too often the image we project has its basis in some area of pride. ( I often say that I have issues with Pride and Patience – too much of one and not enough of the other!).

Most of us do not really understand exactly what image we project to others. In other words, we often do not succeed in projecting the impression we want others to have of us. For instance, it is easy for a person to think he is projecting an image of one who is serious, quiet, and a bit of a thinker, when the reality is that others consider him to be stern, bad decision maker, too slow and miserable. At work, all too often three or four people will describe one person in completely different ways. I see this tons of times. While those who know us may see the same person, they take away different impressions, which results in different assessments.

The image that we try to project is what we think we ought to project for someone in our position, particularly at work. As mentioned earlier, the problem in most of this image-projection is that it is driven by pride, and “God resists the proud.”

The Greek word translated pride is tuphoo. Its literal meaning is “to envelop in smoke,” but the picture it gives us indicates “conceit,” “lifted up,” and “high-mindedness.” The word pictures a person using smoke as a screen to conceal the image he does not want others to see.

Pride includes a degree of ” I am better than you” attitude, a measure of contempt for others. It is a matter of the heart that is buried under the surface.

Why is God so against pride? A person infected by this deadly quality so admires himself that he is unaware of how he affects others. A proud person cherishes independence so that he will not be reliant to others. He is so preoccupied with his own believed goodness that he never realizes that he has any sin from which he needs to be saved, and so he will not be corrected. He believes that he is above it all.

So I will try this week to remember these thoughts while at work and to be the person God wants me to be. Easy peasy!!!!!!



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