I have come to realise that in order to get the best out of a day at work I need to decide quickly on the ONE thing that will get me the greatest result. If I achieve that ONE thing quickly then the rest of the day falls into place. If all I do is that one thing then the day has been a success.

Garry Keller the business guru also promotes this idea and for me it has fantastic results.

God in his word the Bible has this concept nailed. After all He made us so knows how we are to have the abundant life spoken about in the bible and He knows how we can achieve what He wants us to achieve.

If there was no God then everything is by chance and if everything is by chance then I have no purpose in life. I drift along and then I die.

however there is a God and He tells me I have been made for a purpose. If I knw that purpose then life takes on a real exciting dynamic.. I have made it my single endeavour to find that purpose ( as Paul describes in Phillipians ch 3) and then have this as my focus in all I do. I have found that this gives me the most rewarding life and that includes at work.

for me the ONE thing I have grasped hold of, the one MAIN purpose God has for me is to become more like Christ. For you it might be dealing with injustice, making disciples, telling others about the Gospel, encouraging the young, supporting the elderly, praying for others, seeing people whole……

what ever it is, find it and focus on it. It is life changing!

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