Oh yes, another thing…..


May I first of all wish you a lovely Easter time. It is always a positive thing to do no matter who you are, to take time out over this weekend and consider the events that took place some 2000 years ago. Their significance has a reality right down to individule level even today.

my thought today is following on from my last blog where I was considering the power of “one thing”.

although I am on holiday, I have via email seen work change considerably this last few days and it will bring with it a lot of new extra work load for a period. It may also bring about a change of work completely.

My thought is a simple one. The time I have each day is God given and He  gives me just enough time each day to do what He wants me to do- ( the one thing if you will) No more, no less. So if I find myself getting into a flap with too much work to do  either at work or personal or church then I am simply doing more than I should be. Right?

Once again, have a great weekend.



One thought on “Oh yes, another thing…..

  1. Hi Mark
    Hope you are the ‘moderator’
    Thanks for your blogs. I (enjoy?) reading them – sometimes challenging, usually thought-provoking.
    Best wishes to you and your this Easter
    I often struggled with time managemant in my middle manager job. Nothing new there.
    If the job changes, just expect the Lord to give you the grace / talents / empower you to cope with it.
    Would you like to let me know your e address.
    Sorry missed you one Sunday recently. I think you were on hols in USA?

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