All change……


This week at work will have extra “interest” in it as we move towards the company meeting of all staff where the new company structure will be announced.

No doubt you will have had or will have periods of time when you are either disliking your job, or are concerned about its longevity. 2 Corinthians 2 v 11 hints at how Satan uses such times against a Christian.

We read: “.. in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes. ”

We could also translate this word “schemes” as “techniques,” “stratagems,” “plans,” “procedures,” or “plottings,”  Whichever we choose, he has ways that are designed to achieve a particular goal.

A device, stratagem, technique, or scheme might be thought of as being a tool to carry out a certain function. But in this context in this verse the implication is that the device is primarily mental. Satan is after your mind, after your peace of heart. He is clever and crafty. He possesses ingenious subtlety, but he also has a modus operandi that presents us with clues about his influence and tends to give him away, so that much of his cleverness can be identified  making him easier to defeat.

So it is when a Christian feels helpless or fed up at work and find ourselves moving towards a state of worry or sadness (which can lead to depression) that one needs to remind oneself that as a Christian we actually have NOTHING to fear of ANY circumstance in which we find ourselves. If our ONE THING ( see previous blog) has nothing to do with anything about work but everything to do with God’s purpose for me then I am not affected by circumstance.

John 15 v 11 reminds us that God’s desire is for us to have Joy. The way to joy ( which results in peace of mind and heart) is to allow God in to our lives. As he comes in and we follow HIM we  will then be enriched by joy. Is that not a good deal? Psalm 16 v 11 says that there is joy evermore in His presence. Jesus confirms that if we will abide in God, in His love, then it will produce joy in our lives.

Happy days !


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