Hi again

Currently I am having to shoulder a lot of work myself and am not able to ask my team to assist me. Times like this come along every so often and it reminds me of the importance of team work. If one can share ideas and work then the job , whatever it is, does become easier and one becomes more effective. Having the right people around you is a key ingredient of course.

As a Christian Jesus has wanted you and me before the foundation of the world and so when He looks at you He knows he has “the right person” !.

In Matthew 14 v 16-19 we see Jesus who performs the miracle, but for both practical and spiritual reasons, His disciples present the food to the people. It was more organized and took less time to distribute the food this way than by doing it Himself. More importantly, Jesus and His disciples were becoming a team, and it was essential that they share in His work to have firsthand experience. Their involvement in Christ’s generous, compassionate, loving act of providing would be a lasting memory to fuel their faith I am sure..

Jesus’ miracle provided them an opportunity to serve Him, while teaching us lessons in responsible service. Though God does not need us, He gives us the privilege and blessing to be involved in His service.

Teamwork with the Creator no matter where we are. How cool is that!

Have a good week – a short working one too for some of us!


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