Aren’t they “lucky”

Good morning once again

With lots of change happening at work I tok to thinking about people’s feelings as they see things happening around and to them.

James 3 v 14 says:

“But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth.”

The second trait James mentions in his letter is “bitter envy.” If “envy” is desire for what another has, “bitter envy” must mean a person wants something so much that he is angry and hateful over it. Bitterness I guess comes from anger and resentment. Satan takes great delight in burdening our hearts with these harmful emotions. Unprovoked or quick-tempered anger is what we see a lot of on the news these days and  our towns and cities bark in the night with gunfire and the howl of sirens.

Bitter envy takes jealousy to the next step by adding resentment and anger, and from it I see and hear words that stab, cut and cause trouble. We can use these words to reduce the standing of another so we may seem to stand taller. A gossip only wants his listener to think less of another so that he might think more of him.

We can be envious because another sinned and “got away with it.” We can envy those who have more, whom we feel do not deserve it or who get a job we thought we should have. Envy often springs up when we receive “unwarranted correction” and someone else, who deserves it, does not. We can feel envy when one receives attention we want for ourselves or when we fail to receive hard-earned recognition particularly at work.

Here is a Test: Do our words build or burn? If we build our stature or our position by burning someone else’s, we are standing on a platform of ashes that will crumble and topple us anytime.

We press on…..

Take care everyone


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