Is Humble Pie a bad thing?

Good morning all.

Well today is the first day of a new structure at work and already I notice something interesting – colleagues of mine have a new approach- they are keenly interested in making a good impression.

This approach for me or indeed any Christian at work is not in itself bad as trying to give a good impression can motivate good positive healthy actions and behaviors, but it can actually also carry risk – the risk of pride.

Although I am currently re looking at John’s Gospel I have also darted into Isaiah and in this great OT book in chapter 66 v 2 I read this about what God says…

“But on this one will I look:
On him who is poor and of a contrite spirit,
And who trembles at My word.”

Humility is the key to oneness with God. Consequently, I reckon it must also be the key to oneness with each other – at church or at work. God’s way of achieving oneness is for each person to be so attuned to Him that the person is motivated to do everything possible to ensure that the relationship (with God or fellow man) is not only unbroken, but constantly becoming ever closer. We should do this because we are striving to become like Him, and that is how He is.

Each person is responsible for cleaning up his ( or her) character and humbling himself before God. Each is not responsible for judging others so critically it drives a wedge between them and separates them.

So as I step into the new world here at work I pray that I wont be quietly judging others but will be focused on priority number 1 – keeping close to God to become more like Jesus.

Have a good week all


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