As a young man ( many year  ago some would say!) I would often become very fearful about work, often centering around what my boss was going to say or around difficulties faced by customers who would be coming to me for a solution. Fear of failure I guess was at the root of this.

Exodus 14 v 10 says “And when Pharaoh drew near, the children of Israel lifted their eyes, and behold, the Egyptians marched after them. So they were very afraid, ”

In this wilderness account, Israel is shown fearing many things, but most of the time it was other people, hunger, and thirst. This is not unusual but natural, as it is natural to you and me to fear what is going on around us—to fear those who have the power to hurt us or to take our lives. It is natural for people to fear. However as a Christian, it has to be dealt with and overcome because fear hinders my preparation for the Kingdom of God and takes away the Life Jesus wants me to enjoy now.

The solution to fear is to eliminate what we perceive to be threatening us.

But this is nearly always out of our hands as I found as a young man at work and this is still true today. The problem doesn’t go away.

As I gave this to the Lord I eventually learned that actually the ONLY way to eliminate fear is actually to trust completely in the Lord Jesus, reply only on Him and he will direct my paths. So not to eliminate the threat, as trying to do this simply causes more stress, but to ask God to face it with me. And if God is with me who can be against me?

I have found this to give me real power and leaving things that worry me with the Lord does result in me experiencing a wonderful glimpse of that abundant life Jesus spoke of.

So have a great week



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