God speaking to a Christian at work


I was only a few days ago feeling a bit sorry for myself as a decision has been made at work affecting the way I am paid and others doing a similar job have remained unaltered. The result I was sure was that I am being disadvantaged.

While travelling on the train I was bringing this to the Lord seeking guidance as to how I was to tackle this situation as I thought that I must, and I was given the exact answer while at the same time I experienced how Gods ways are not our ways.

The answer gave me complete peace about the situation and apart from blogging this now for us all to learn, it has gone from my mind completely. The darkness building in me has bene ushered out by His light and I am smiling again.

I had been reading the Bible en route which was in Titus and actually the answer was there all be it I had not noticed, but I then turned to Colossians 3 v 2. Now remember that the Bible is GODS WORD TO US ON PLANET EARTH . It is how He speaks.

I read this:

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

BOOM, there was my answer! I had read similar instruction in Titus but it was not so in your face as this little verse. God took me to His word exactly where I needed to be. I needed a direct voice and I got it.

God through Paul is telling us where the focus of our attention needs to be. We can give our minds over to a lot of things, for instance, to our jobs – and there is a place for that. We can give our minds over to physical things – exercise, eating well, etc – and there is a place for these, too.

Indeed, humans need to set their minds on many things, but they need to be prioritized correctly – put into the right niche and position. Then each of these things has to be seen in relation to the Kingdom of God. Our priorities must be set according to this standard – the overriding goal of our Christian lives and we are starting to look at this at  Church.

“Set your mind on things above” adjusts the focus of our attention so that we do not become distracted by things that are less important for any longer than needed, as I was,  so that they occupy the right proportion and amount of time in our lives.

So just as God has provided for all my needs all of my life, why was I getting so worked up about this? I couldn’t change it and all I was thinking of doing was going to cause upset to others. WOW how bad was I about to be.

So once again I proved that the Bible does have the answer even for everyday things that come across our path.

Have a good week


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