Morning and welcome to a frosty one here in the UK

Something to remember is what we read in John 10 v 35 which is this:

“…and the Scripture cannot be broken”,

Jesus makes a statement that is easy to overlook, and yet it is a foundational principle when it comes to understanding the Bible. He says, “. . . and the Scripture can not be broken. . .”.

The written Word of God is another part of His creative work, and in His inspired words, we see the same forethought, consistency, and magnificence that we see in everything that God does. Because His character is true and constant, the Scriptures can never be contradictory or broken.

So something to give you a spring in your step every Monday morning should be I suggest remembering His promises because even in the challenges of a working day, they remain constant and Unbreakable. The question is, do we know what they are?

Have a good day


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