Why it needn’t be tough at work


I do find that work demands a certain pride almost arrogance in order to succeed. End of year appraisals expect the employee to boast how useful they have been and summarise all they have achieved while trying to dress up disappointments in a way to sound like one is learning, progressing and developing.

As a Christian please don’t feel under pressure in this area and certainly don’t try to hide your light , being a professing Christian is the best way.

Anyway, while considering this difficulty at work I was looking at Matthew 20,24….

” And when the ten heard it, they were greatly displeased with the two brothers”
Matthew 20:20-26 records the occasion when the mother of James and John asked Jesus for special consideration for her sons. When the other disciples heard of the mother of James and John asking Jesus for special consideration for her sons, they were indignant, angry. Why? From Jesus’ reply we can see in my view that their vanity was pricked—they had been “beaten to the punch”! They had been thinking of the same request because in their vanity they thought they deserved special consideration too.

Their proud minds had pictured themselves as worthy of being served, and they were offended because they thought that chance might be slipping away. Jesus reminded them that, even to be in the Kingdom, one has to have a humble attitude of a servant.

Unlike love, pride is “touchy and fretful.” When pride feels threatened, it goes into a dark corner and considers what it believes to be hurting it or lessening its chances of “being on top,” “coming out ahead” of another, “looking good,” or “getting even.” ( All appear at work with the boss demanding success). So it competes against others. It looks for ways to elevate itself or put another down. It counts all the offenses, real or imagined, and puts them into a mental account book to justify its position until it finds an opportune moment to break out in “vindication” of itself.

Love does not do any of those things 1 Corinthians 13v 5 says it as simply as it can possibly be put. Love does not insist on its own way—it will not even become provoked in the first place. And it makes no accounting of the evil done against it! We all have a long way to go in this regard!

I need to consider this and how Jesus would conduct Himself at work, having to deliver the requirements of the role while not becoming proud.

It’s tough at work but then that’s where God has placed me and I regularly have Him guiding my behavior so that those at work see Jesus and not me. He gives me the tools I need for where he places me. After all, any success I may have is completely down to Him, His gifts given to me and in fact my very breath is only because he allows it.

Have a good week next week and a great weekend


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