Our Compass


I walked past a sign in a church car park on the way to one of our Head Office buildings that said “ Prayer puts God in the driving seat, not praying leaves everything to you… try praying!”

For the Christian prayer is like our compass in life, and the needle that points north is the focus of our faith in the living God. He is the “north” on our “compass.” He is the center point.

Regardless of what life throws at us, whether it’s a long, hard climb to the top of our profession or career, or the steady trail of perseverance as we set out to achieve our goals, or the confusion and lost feeling that can envelope us when we find ourselves in a thicket of problems and pressures and pain—if our prayers are focused on the living God, they will make a difference. I can vouch for this as a fact. In us. In our circumstances. In others. In our church. In our nation. In our world.

So 1) Get God into your life “ You must be born again” said Jesus and then (2) Pray!



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