To be sure…

Morning an welcome to the start of a new week

With the big decision in Britain made nothing much changed at work. What I mean by that is that for many many months prior to the referendum there was constant talk of uncertainty concerning global issues and the future and the Europe debate was just another facet of this. Which ever way the vote went, uncertainty was to follow.

It seems that just as the Bible predicted all those years ago we are indeed living in uncertain times.

However, what mot people desire is stability and certainty and to have things NOT changing.

Well there is an answer to this desire because here are some things that don’t change and ARE stable and DO give certainly…Gods love towards you and me, Gods plan for planet Earth and the human race, the human heart, our need of Salvation, the power and certainty Jesus brings to a person who accepts Him, the written word of God we call the Bible.

So no matter what happens around you, as a Christian with Gods Spirit within your heart, you will experience peace, joy, certainty and confidence. I really can’t see any good reason why a person would not accept Jesus into their life.

Have a good week


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