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Good morning once again

Yesterday I was chatting to a good friend of mine and for a short while in our catch up we found ourselves talking about being busy.

This morning in my quiet time I was reflecting on the weekend and in particularly Sunday when not only did we as a “getting together of local Christians” have lots of time put aside for prayer for our town and community but personally I was wrestling against thinking about a challenging problem at work to which I could find no answer and I had a huge desire to get into my office and try to work it out.

But while I was reflecting this morning I also read this in Exodus 31 v 17 “ It is a sign between Me and the children of Israel forever; for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.”

This special covenant—I believe strategically placed by Moses between information on the building of the Tabernacle (a type of the church) and the Golden Calf incident (brazen idolatry)—creates a special sign of the Sabbath between God and His people. Generally, in the Bible a sign communicates the purpose of or gives directions to a person or place. Signs bring people together with shared interests and common goals. A sign can function as a pledge of mutual agreement and commitment. Organizations use signs to designate membership, allowing members to recognize each other.

The Sabbath serves as an external and visible bond that unites God’s people, and at the same time it sanctifies them from almost everyone else. Now I wont dive into theology about Sabbath v Sunday as that could go on for ages, but for me it is the “rest day” no matter whether Sunday or Sabbath.

If He created this day (one out of seven) only because we need to rest physically, any old time would do, but ultimately, how and why we keep this day is what becomes the real sign. God is working out a purpose. Think about it…He has invested a tremendous amount in us in the creation and in the death of His Son. This “rest day” serves as a major means by which He protects that investment. He made a specific period of time special so He can meet with His people and take major steps to make them different—holy.

So making sure that your singular day of rest is set apart from the demands of work and is clear to those who know you as being different and set apart for God will not only refresh you physically, mentally and spiritually but act as a witness to others too.

With Gods help I did manage to push the thoughts away on Sunday and spent some 5 ½ hours inside our church with others during the day in prayer and praise and also some lovely relaxing time with my family at home.

On Monday morning the answer came to me from out of the blue and the problem was solved by 11am!

So problem solved and I was completely refreshed, why, because I followed Gods plan for a Christian at work.

Have a good week.



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