Living out our faith

Good evening readers

As we begin to close the curtains in our home after a lovely and meaningful remembrance Sunday I was thinking about times of national gravity, where the faithful ones are those who refuse to be cowed or distracted by rowdy hype, by hardened or even spiteful debate or media frenzy, not to mention global trouble.

Instead we are to prayerfully detach ourselves, and stand—taking steady and sober stock of our strategic calling as citizens of Heaven (Philippians 3:20,–21). That is the winning position! We thought in church today about our home being Heaven and this attitude is the one to adopt.

I read something by  John Chrysostom, who was a mighty preacher of old, and he declared that just as a beautiful coat only looks best when worn on a person, so the Scriptures—though wonderful when proclaimed in public—are far more meaningful when they are being lived out by the people who hear them! That is the final test of God’s people at any time of decision.

What of Christ like character and behaviour? That is what changes a community. Ultimately, by the promise of Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:18), although the church itself becomes battered by the storms of every century, nevertheless it has never been brought down. It never will.

So bringing this really close to home, let’s live out the Christian life at work too and make this week a real week of witness.

Every blessing


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