the right balance

Morning and greetings from Manchester where I am working today

It dawned on me as I entered the 2017 first day of work yesterday that as a Christian at work I have two challenges:

First, my knowledge for what I do at work develops quickly and so when ever someone comes to me for an opinion the answer I give is often taken seriously. The person asking may not always agree with me and my opinion may not be the one that is taken forwards, but my opinion is always one that is taken into account and taken seriously.

The problem comes with my knowledge of the Bible and what it says about the challenges of life and my answer to “why I am a Christian”. If my knowledge and clarity in this area are not as clear and articulate as they are for my work answers then they are not taken seriously by my work colleagues plus the view of others as to how important my Christian walk is compared to my work life results in them thinking it is only a small add on and not important. All this because my confidence in answering a question about my faith is less than when I answer a question about work.

Second, it seems that there is a growing “push” that “God” should not be done in public but in private. In church or in the home, but never in the work place. Heaven forbid that someone should shut their eyes and quietly say grace prior to a meal in a restaurant or worse still have a Biblical opinion/answer/suggestion to resolve  a work problem!

So as I venture into the world of work 2017 I need to have a good balance of learning and development, a good balance of what I read and why, and a quiet confidence as I walk worthily of the calling I have to follow Christ. All of this Jesus can give me…..if I ask.

Have a good week



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