Time well spent


Luke ch. 17 in verse 32 says quite simply this: ”Remember Lot’s wife”.

Genesis ch. 19 reminds us that ..”his wife looked back behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.”

Just before Lot’s wife reached her place of safety—though she had made some effort to escape the impending disaster—Lot’s wife disobeyed the angel’s command and looked back. “She became a pillar of salt”.

Why did she look back? The context does not specifically give a reason, but let me offer up a few, as careful study of Lot and his family reveal to me that:

  • He was wealthy – so they had costly possessions and probably a lovely home
  • He was well respected and held a high position over and above his wealth, so he had friends and high powered colleagues as well
  • He had a larger family, so clearly many of his family were left in Sodom

So Lots wife may well have been regretful of leaving behind wealth, position, comfort and she would certainly have been deeply saddened about the impending doom that her family would suffer, so she looked back. Would God REALLY do as he had warned he would?

Whether it is at work or at play, at home or holiday, God wants us to learn from the past but look to the future and most importantly TRUST him with it.

The only way to trust God is to spend time with Him and then to continue to step out in faith, so this is the question…. How much time do I spend with God?

Have a good week


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