It’s Real!


I have been asked recently about my faith.

In the Bible, James 2 v 17 says “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

Just as a dead person does no works, so a faith, a religion, that does not include works is also dead. Thus, a person who has Christ living with them should be seen to have saving faith existing within and they will produce works as a result.

Remember, as a Christian my faith is based on evidence. Naturalists will say that faith is believing in something when there is no evidence. This of course is rubbish! Let me explain.

A scientist trying to understand the universe around us, has to believe ( ie has to have faith) that science can be done, they have to believe ( have faith) that the universe CAN be understood – and they need to believe all this even before they  start their science!

Their belief, their continued faith is based on the evidence we have so far that the Universe can be understood and that science can be done! It is exactly the same for my faith.

John saw this in his book about Jesus and clearly stated that he wrote about the things Jesus did so that we might BELIEVE. In other words he gave us the evidence. Evidence that we can test.

So my faith in Jesus Christ is based on evidence I have between at the very least the birth of Christ and 2017, so it is REAL. ( Do ask about this evidence if you have missed it!!)

As a REAL and provable faith, others should be able to see this in how I live – my actions and behaviours or as James puts it “my works”. Works are not a requirement of my acceptance by God, this is a gift right up front, but rather because of the experience I have of Gods love towards me I am automatically compelled to behave in a way fitting of such love. Again, all mankind are made in God’s image so having this fundamental belief for which we have evidence by the way, also drives certain behaviours by me to others around me. Get it?

So for Christians reading my blog let’s remember our responsibility in this area to others around us. We need to be REAL!

Have a good weekend


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