Everyone has a voice

Morning all

Numbers chapter 27 says: “Then came the daughters of Zelophehad … And they stood before Moses, .. saying: “Our father died in the wilderness… why should the name of our father be removed from among his family because he had no son?”

Numbers 27 is the appeal of Zelophehad’s five daughters to Moses in regard to their inheritance. Their father had died without any sons, and under the law of the time, his daughters were left without an inheritance. The commentators who go into this say that such an appeal was virtually unheard of because at that time a woman’s station in society was only slightly higher than a child’s. The child was always on the lowest social level, which is one reason why Jesus said we have to become as a child. All of society revolved around men.

Moses does two very interesting things. He not only hears the appeal of these ladies, he humbly admits that he did not know the answer. He takes it to God, and God not only hears it, He gives the ladies more than what they asked for, as all they had asked for was the land. God says, in effect, “Not only can you have the land, but you have the right to pass it on just as if you were Zelophehad’s sons.” It came under their power completely.

The point is that no leader under God can afford not to listen with fullest attention to the appeals of the lowly or lowest or to their counsel. He cannot afford to be in an attitude in which he will not listen to the people that he is supposed to be leading. It is a very important lesson and principle of law that comes out of Moses’ humility, meekness, and willingness to hear, whereas other leaders of his day would likely have not even allowed those women to come into their presence.

This is an example once again of the Bible giving spot on guidance to those of us who are in a leadership position today, centuries later! Once again the Bible shines a powerful searchlight right into the heart of modern day living for us and gives us “the right way”.

Have a great week


One thought on “Everyone has a voice

  1. very interesting points, i find our ability to really listen to anothers concerns is a major weekness in the modern church. we have disciplined our time so well that we often miss out on what we should be really using it for.

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