Good morning and welcome to Monday!

Early this morning I was considering the words we use, how may thousand we use in a day and the impact on others of these words.

The book of Acts that we were encouraged to read again yesterday by our Pastor says this in chapter 2 v 6: “And when this sound occurred, the multitude came together, and were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language.”

This miracle temporarily “healed” the problem for people that God had imposed many years earlier at Babel. There at Babel, God divided the languages of mankind, inflicting on it a difficulty with communication (see Genesis 11:1-9). Suddenly, relationships became much more difficult to establish and maintain. Mankind scattered.

Communication is a two-way street, involving a source and a receiver. These are what we call the speaker and the hearer, respectively. By changing speaker and hearer, the miracle brought source and receiver together, where normally they would remain distant. The disciples spoke languages in which they were untutored. Members of their audience heard the disciples “speak in his own language” (Acts 2:6). Communication took place.

As miracles go, this is a “strange” one. Clearly, scientifically, miracles can happen and this one teaches us a lot which is why I guess it is included in Holy Scripture for us.

One such lesson for us is to remember that communication is key in everything we do. If we can communicate in a way the hearer will grasp and understand then we have a much better chance of moving forwards together. This is true both for our Christian witness and for our secular work and activities.

Words used, tone of voice adopted and body language are all part of communication. By not using these well the hearer won’t hear or understand and separation will occur as it did at Babel. By using them well the hearer will hear and understand and a coming together will take place as it did here.

Once again the Bible hits the nail on the head for us in 2017.

Have a good day!


One thought on “Pardon?

  1. Ah Yes. The biblical gift of languages recorded in “The acts of the apostles” A language clearly understood. It is so clear and proven and can still be used by God today. Lets not go back to Babel where language wasnt understood

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