What message do I give?

Good morning!

Sufficient pressure comes from the world, so that, if as a Christian I am sloppy in carrying out my Christian responsibility, I can easily allow myself to follow Satan’s way of things, as shown in the world. There is much out there that is attractive to human nature and to true Christians, and we can see, despite two thousand years of preaching by the church, the overwhelming majority is still following “the broad way”. 1 John Chapter 2 v 15 says: “Do not love the world or the things in the world.”

The world makes it seem as though Christianity is a complete failure. The world gives every impression that God has either never really existed or has lost interest, and that His whole creation is nothing more than a kind of huge joke. Some believe God never really did care, and the creation is a mere plaything of His with no positive, beneficial purpose in mind.

And so, with that kind of approach, if I or we are lackadaisical, the world can be very persuasive. When viewing the expanse of Christian history, it is not difficult for a person to reach the conclusion that God has good intentions, but that He is frequently disappointed because Satan outwits Him or man stops Him. God, then, is frustrated in everything that He tries to do. It is as if He says that He wants to bless mankind, but they will not let Him.

Who with that perspective could take God seriously? It makes it easy to think—and so to live—as though God really is not sovereign in His creation. We must take these thoughts and questions seriously.

A true Christian thinks that God is in complete and total control, ruling His creation. We hope and believe that is true. Even so, experience shows that, though we confess this, we sometimes—perhaps often—live and talk as those who don’t know God is in control at all.

What kind of person will not think or live that way? The answer…Those who really live by faith – and as an aside c£174,000 adults every day are discovering God for the first time and starting this life of faith! The church is clearly growing!

What does “walk by faith” mean? It means that we are allowing our thoughts to be formed, and therefore our conduct guided, by God’s Word, because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by means of the word of God (Romans 10:17). The most frequently repeated command, or exhortation of Jesus Christ during His ministry can be reduced to one word: “listen”! It appears 18 times! What did He mean? “Listen to the message!”—because this is the very thing that mankind has not done. Faith comes by hearing.

Faith comes by means of listening to the Word of God. How much faith is being displayed on earth today? Not very much! There is so little, that Jesus wondered, “When the Son of man comes, will He find any faith on earth?” He will not find much because not very many people think God is the Sovereign Ruler of His creation. It’s that simple! They may think they believe it, but their lives do not show it. If their lives showed it, it would prove that they really were listening to the Word of God.

So what about me? How do I show this to those around me?

It’s a big question!

Have good week



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