Morning, and welcome to another in-between day – in-between Christmas and New Year. I pray for all my readers even though I don’t know you all by name and have been praying for your end of 2017 and beginning of 2018.

Philippians 5v4 in Scripture says “Let your gentleness be known to all me. the Lord is at hand.”

The New King James translates this literally. The margin, however, reads: “Let your forbearance or graciousness be known to all men.” Let it shine. Why? “The Lord is at hand.”

This is a Book written to us who are Christians! Our local church Pastor and I are keen for us to have a prophetic voice in these times as we are coming upon the absolute worst time in human history, and Paul left us a note from nearly two thousand years ago, telling us that this time, as it was in the days of Noah is  THE time to demonstrate forbearance to all men. Forbearance should be on the top of our list of virtues that we want to include in our character. We should let our gentleness, graciousness and forbearance be known to all men, especially at the end. Squabbles, fights, and offenses only make things that much worse in this terrible era of human history.

Among us there should be peace and unity. If anyone is to be seen showing love and forbearance for one another, it should be God’s church – and lately, in the past decade, we in the UK have in my view failed the forbearance test. It does not mean we must put up with evil for long, but that we give others a chance to change. If they fail to change, then matters must be worked out so that there will be peace. But we have to start with forbearance and so this is my new year’s word – FORBEARANCE. At work, home or play I encourage us all to consider these things as we head off into yet another year of opportunity, grace and wonderful expectation.

Happy New Year readers.


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