Helper or busybody

Good morning

Romans 14 v 4 says this “Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.”

I have been considering as we continue from 4 – bear- ants in my last blog which launched us into 2018 that it is very easy to become a busybody . Surely I know best so I MUST give them my opinion” is what is often thought and suddenly we stray into judgement of another.

Yes, God has given us a promise of becoming judges, kings, and priests in the World Tomorrow ( which is part of the study into what happens at the end of our current time), but He has not given us the authority to be judges now. We are to be making evaluations and learning how to judge. But, right now, unless we have been appointed to a certain position in which such judgments must be made, if we take it upon ourselves to make them, we are stepping into the muck. We have gone beyond our sphere.

He is telling us that, if we decide to take it into our own hands to judge another man’s servant (think of it in terms of every other person being God’s servant), then we have begun to be presumptuous. We are meddling in another’s matters.

Jesus would have been meddling in somebody else’s affairs had He decided to arbitrate the dispute in Luke 12:13-14. He would have been what the Bible calls a busybody—someone who is doing something that he/she has not been called to do or been given the authority to do.

Just a thought as we edge further into 2018.

Have a good day all


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