Choose your side

Good morning

A short thought for the day today as once again I reflect on last week and thought about how I was sadly displaying a proud approach to work situations. It was not the best week for me in relation to my witness as “A Christian at work”.

Habakkuk, one of those Old Testament books that we skip by or even forget is in God’s word says this in chapter 2 and verse 4:

“Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by his faith.”

God, in this verse, sets out the two universal sides. The proud are on one side. Their deeds are not upright. On the other side are the just, those who live by faith.

As a side note we must remember that faith is a word that comes from the word Trust and the Bible is very clear that our faith is placed on evidence just as to trust someone you need evidence that thay can be trusted. It is challenging for a Christian today in that the word faith is being changed (like the real meaning of so many words) to be believing in something where there is NO evidence! Quite contrary to the faith in the Bible. In a couple of weeks’ time as a lead up to Easter we will be considering the evidence of the empty tomb of Christ and how by examining the documented evidence we have only one conclusion, Christ actually rose form the dead! We can trust this and put our faith in this because of the evidence!

So back to our little verse that has helped me these last few days. In a way, God is asking Habakkuk—and us, “Which side are you on? Can I count you among the proud, who will be destroyed, or the just, the faithful, who will be rewarded?

So I guess we must simply “Choose our side.”

I press on…..



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