Trust the Bible (1)


At work I often get asked for reasons why I believe the Bible. Clearly there are so many reasons it is sometimes hard to know where to start but in my sphere my colleagues in the main hold the view that Science is so far ahead of the Bible that surely we cant trust this old book! So this is where I often start.

Well I thought I would run a short series in this blog on some of the areas that the Bible has been and is still, light years ahead of modern thinking !

This is my first observation.

To say that science and the Bible contradict each other is simply not true. Even if there was a 1 in a million chance that the whole Bible is true and there is an eternity after death where we will be alive in Heaven or Hell wouldn’t you want to know? After all we are all going to die one day!

In the nineteen sixties science began to discover that our Universe actually had a single beginning. “Something” had not “always been” science discovered. This of course gives modern man the impossible task of trying to find out how and why something came from nothing ( nothing being the absence of anything).

If only scientist had looked at the first 2 verses of the Bible may be they would have looked for a beginning many years earlier! The Bible is quite clear “In the Beginning, God created”, in other words the Bible has confirmed for thousands of years that there was a beginning!

There was also a time when people thought that our planet sat on a large animal or giant thus keeping it in place. Seriously!!! Then again the next view was that it was sitting on pillars in space! But 1500 years before Jesus, the Bible described the actual fact that  planet earth was set in space hanging on nothing. Job chapter 26 verse 7 says this ” He…hangs the earth upon nothing”. Now this is quite clear and is in plain English. Planet earth is floating on nothing according to the Bible. You cant even hang your own coat on “nothing”. It wasn’t until AD 1650 that we realised that this Bible was spot on, once again!

So here we begin to realise that the Bible has a lot to say about how we come to be here and how our Universe is set,  so may be we should take it a little more seriously when it talks about what happens when we leave here! Do you know?

Next week I will show you that the Bible talks about the Atom!!

Have a good week and do remember the title of this little series – Trust the Bible!



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