Trust the Bible (4)

Good day to you all

It does amaze me that so few folk take the time to consider the big and important questions such as “where do I come from?”, “why am I here?”, “where am I going?”, “is there life after death?”

I reckon early years education has a lot to answer for in this regard as it is assums that science has all the answers and further it is thought “why bother to ask such questions when we live and die and that is it”.

But what if this is wrong as I believe. What if the Bible is true and our life here is important, has a reason and we have a future after death so our existence now is simply life stage 1!  I think if I were you I would want to know about this.

The Bible is right about so much as we have already seen but how about the fact that the Bible speaks about  the shape of our planet being a circuit/circle in shape? If the Bible in the 8th century BC got this right as well as everything else I have mentioned in my blog then I am staring at a mountain of evidence to say I can trust what it says – and that includes about what the future holds and the key decisions I HAVE to make! Not making them is not an option because the Bible says that no decision for God is a decision against him and that we are told carries horrendous consequences. Surely fok want to know about this don’t they!!

“It is He who sits about the circle of the Earth” we read in an old testament book written in the 8th century BC!!! That’s about 300 years before Aristotle suggested the earth may be a sphere and a further 2000 years later before Mr Columbus sailed round the planet to disprove the then thinking that the earth was flat. ( the word circle can also mean circuit)

The Bible also teaches oceanography. In the 19th century I learn that Matthew Fontaine Maury who is called the father of Modern Oceanography and Naval Meteorology, read the words of David describing “paths of the sea” ( Psalm 8). he said “if God said there are paths in the sea then I am going to find them”. Today we are indebted to his discovery of the warm and cold ocean currents that him reading the Bible got him to discover. God who put them there in his creation simply wanted to talk about them so he did.. in the canon of scripture and then a human being who read this description went and found them.

I think you are getting the idea as to why I love the Bible so much and more importantly, why you CAN trust it!

Next week there is more…..

Have a good week



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