Trust the Bible (5)

Good morning folks

I continue with my thought on one theme within the Bible that shows me I can trust it. There are many themes of course that prove I can trust this wonderful book but this tack I am taking is talking about the Bible talking about subjects we only discovered in recent times and getting the exactly spot on when there is no explanation as to how this can be except that it is inspired by the Creator.

Today I would like to show you that the Bible predicted modern telecommunications. Sound incredible? Well here is what the Bible says: “Can you send out lightenings, that they may go, and say to you  “Here we are”! ?

1500 years before Christ in the book of Job quoted here which is part of the Bible, God said that light could be sent and manifest itself into speech. Electromagnetic radiation, x-rays , radio waves all travel at around 186,000 miles per second which is the speed of light and this is what makes instant communication possible in the way we have it today!

The fact that light can be translated into speech was not discovered by science until 1864 some 3,300 years later than when the Bible let us know it was possible.

We all meet those who doubt but the cannon of scripture clearly states no one has an excuse. The evidence of the Creator God is all around us. Here is yet another example, and the wonderful thing is that unlike any other religion, the God of the Bible offers us a personal relationship with Him and promises us instant acceptance and forgiveness the moment a person turns to His son Jesus  Christ. Not having to prove oneself over many years in the hope that eventually acceptance could be earned. No, it is a perfect gift received immediately.

So as the Bible is right about everything I have presented to you so far, why not check out what I have found too, that God can be known and Jesus his son who died and rose again for us is very much alive!

Science has not caught up with these facts yet, which we are seeing in this blog is the pattern of science – usually behind the Bible, but it will catch up one day. Let’s hope you are not too late to find this out as God offers every person a chance to accept this new life only while they are alive. Once death takes its turn your chance to decide is removed and you enter eternity either with God or without Him.

Have a great week and next time my blog will talk about the Bible explaining the global water cycle … the evidence goes on and on and on and on that we can trust the Bible!


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