Trust the Bible (7)

Morning once again and what another super warm day lies ahead.

My final blog on the subject of “Trust the Bible” makes me smile every time I think about it. My wife and I enjoy a cruise. What many folk don’t realise is that the blueprint for the size and dimensions of large ships was first discovered in 1609 in Holland and by 1900 every large ship was inclined towards the same dimensions so workable are they!.

It was in 1609 that ship builders used the dimensions of a vessel built many years before and followed the dimensions exactly to see if they could build a ship of massive proportions that would float and sail effectively. The old ancient vessel whose dimensions they followed so closely as an experiment and for the first time was 1.5 million cubic feet and was filled with enough animals and people to re populate the planet. It was Noah’s ark. The Bible gives us the blueprint for this vessel and those folk in Hoom, Holland thought they would try it. Once again the Bible gives us accuracy even down to the detail of how to build a large vessel that would sail well. Are you smiling like me ! I think this is great!

The massive cruise ships we so enjoy in this century still use the basic design instruction of the Bible. Wow!

But if you think that the planet could not have been flooded, think again. About 85% of rocks around the world are sedimentary indicating that at some point in the past the world was indeed covered by water.

So there are so many gems like this in the Bible – so many it cant simply be a fluke or miss interpretation, we really can trust this old Book.

So why not see what it says about living in 2018. It DOES give really eye opening council and more than that, these wonderful pages show anyone who is interested why they are here as an individual, what happens after death, what is to happen to our planet in the future and how a person can have confidence through life and death and beyond.

Surely if everything I have touched on has been and is so accurate, it would be foolish to ignore these greater subjects.

Have a great week everyone


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