So who is ACTUALLY doing all this?


Good morning

This weekend we have been helping my daughter and son in law move house, before that we moved our other daughter and in between times I am away at work and also serving other churches in the area as well as ours in Bodmin with ministry and preaching. So weekends are very busy currently with at least 2 out of 4 meaning we are away somewhere.

My wife and I are keen to continue to serve the Lord in our lives and this morning as we recover from 3 days of hard lifting and shoving helping our family I find myself in Zechariah. Chapter 4 and verse 6 in this Old Testament book of the Bible says this: “So he answered and said to me:” This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ” Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” Says the LORD of hosts.

This verse is often quoted when speaking of doing the work of God, and doing so follows a correct spiritual principle. When God does something, it is not done through physical strength. It is interesting that might literally means “arms,” and power refers to physical activity. The work of God is not going to be done through feats of arms, military victories, or anything that requires physical fighting or contention. Nor can it be accomplished by any amount of physical activity.

As much work and effort as we put into it, we are not what will get God’s work done properly. They will be helpful, certainly, because God works though men, and men must exert themselves in order to do God’s will. Nevertheless, He says clearly here that all the credit goes to His Spirit. God Himself is at work! Our job is to submit, to do the things that must be done. We must do what the Spirit directs us to do, but God will receive the credit, not us. We could do none of these works by our own means.

God gives the ability. He gives the inspiration, the strength, and the endurance. He opens the doors. He supplies the manpower, the money, and the other resources to go through those doors. He supplies favour so that the doors can be opened. We merely walk through them.

We could say that God’s work is an act of grace. It may be strange to say that work is done by grace, since we think of work and grace as two extremes, but they are not! What comes first? The grace comes first: God grants favour and gives gifts, then the work is done. So where is the glory? It appears in the grace. The effort comes afterward and accomplishes God’s will.

So as we go about our daily work and as we live for Him, may I suggest that we need to remember that it is in Him that we live and breathe and have our very being.

Have a good week



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